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Towneley Hall - Burnley
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Share your vision with me, and let’s collaborate to transform it into a captivating reality. I thrive on exploring businesses, identifying exciting flight paths, and injecting creativity into every frame. My passion lies in bringing FPV videos to life.



Curious if your idea will soar? I offer complimentary local test flights, providing you with a sneak peek of the possibilities. Witness firsthand the capabilities of small FPV drones and envision the impact on your promotional efforts.


From iconic bowling alley scenes to carefully scripted plans, the best videos are born from thoughtful choreography. Let’s set the stage at a time convenient for you and your team to create the perfect one-take video. After filming, I handle the editing, adding music, sound design, and color grading to ensure a stunning final product for your website and social media platforms.


Your safety is paramount. If any operation poses undue risk, we can adjust our plans accordingly. If a request falls into a category that’s deemed too dangerous or legally prohibited, regrettably, I won’t be able to fulfill it.


Recognizing the unique nature of each operation, I tailor my services to accommodate different skill levels and workloads. Your budget is a priority, and I am committed to aligning my services with it as closely as possible. Let’s create extraordinary FPV videos that leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank!

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